Clark County Trails

Navigate Clark County’s Paths to a Healthier You

Enjoy all that Clark County’s trails have to offer. Escape the chaos of everyday life and exercise in a natural environment.

Trails are 10’ wide paved asphalt, ideal for biking, walking, running, in-line skating and dog walking.

Explore Clark County’s system of trails and bikeways or span the state on the Ohio to Erie Trail, stretching from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

The Little Miami Scenic Trail runs along the old Little Miami Railway. The trail begins in Springfield in Clark County and travels over 70 miles to Newtown in Hamilton County. This trail runs through the towns of Xenia, Yellow Springs, Morrow and South Lebanon.

 Little Miami Scenic Trail Trailhead


Portable restrooms and overnight parking is available by
calling the Park District office at 937-882-6000.
3200 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield, Ohio 45506

Prairie Grass Trail

The Prairie Grass Trail is a 38-mile section of the 325-mile Ohio to Erie Trail, which stretches form the Ohio River to Lake Erie.

Prairie Grass Trail Trailhead


Free parking, water and new indoor restrooms are available.
147 Mound Street, South Charleston, Ohio 45368

  Trail Etiquette

• Pedestrians have right-of-way at all times.

• Bicyclists must keep right on the trail and yield to all other traffic.

• Always announce before passing foot or bicycle traffic by saying “passing on left.”

• All trail users should stop and check for traffic at a road intersection or railroad crossing.

Photos by Amanda Benson Photography